International Panel on Migration

The International Panel on Migration is scientific, interdisciplinary, international, independent and permanent. It seeks to be complementary to existing international institutions, networks and initiatives to promote scientific-grounded debates on migration. Its independence from partisan and governmental views, along with its commitment to promoting a purely scientific stance on migration matters, makes it a unique but much-needed institution in challenging times for policymaking, politics and public opinion.

Migration has become a focal point of public attention throughout national and international political arenas. Policy debates and public knowledge, however, tends to be heavily skewed by misleading images, distorted facts, and a biased framing of migration and asylum issues.

Across the global academic community, there is a wealth of high quality and reliable data, knowledge and theoretical understanding – reviewed, debated and corroborated according to professional standards of scientific method. It is high time that the scientific community is fully engaged in challenging the accepted paradigms and shaping public understanding.

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